Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide to Being Addicted to Pictures of People You Barely Know


Instagram is a social media platform that has taken the world by storm. With over 1 billion active users, it’s no wonder that people are addicted to scrolling through pictures of people they barely know. In this article, we’ll explore the hilarity of Instagram, from the ridiculous filters to the ridiculous hashtags.

Ridiculous Filters

One of the most entertaining aspects of Instagram is the ridiculous filters. From the puppy ears and tongue to the rainbow vomit, there is no shortage of silly filters to choose from. People will often spend hours perfecting their selfies with these filters, making themselves look like cartoon characters.

But the real question is, why? Why do people feel the need to make themselves look like they have puppy ears or a flower crown? Is it to make themselves more approachable? Is it to show off their fun side? Or is it just because it’s hilarious? Whatever the reason, we can all agree that the filters are one of the most entertaining aspects of Instagram.

Ridiculous Hashtags

Another aspect of Instagram that is both hilarious and ridiculous is the hashtags. People will often use hashtags to describe their photos in the most absurd ways possible. From #blessed to #nofilter, the hashtags can be both amusing and cringe-worthy.

Some people will even use hashtags that have nothing to do with their photo, just to get more likes and followers. For example, someone might post a picture of their cat and use the hashtag #tbt (Throwback Thursday), even though the picture was taken that day. It’s as if people think that using certain hashtags will magically make their photo more popular.

The Instagram Influencers

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of Instagram is the influencers. These are people who have gained a large following on the platform, and are now able to make a living by promoting products and services to their followers.

But let’s be real, most of these influencers are just people who take pictures of themselves and post them on Instagram. They are not actual experts in their field, nor are they celebrities with a dedicated fanbase. They are just regular people who have managed to amass a large following by posting pictures of themselves in exotic locations, with fancy clothes and a fake smile.

The irony is that most of us follow these influencers simply because they are entertaining to watch. We love to see what they’re wearing, where they’re traveling, and what they’re eating. It’s as if we’re living vicariously through them, even though we know deep down that their lives are not as glamorous as they make them out to be.


In conclusion, Instagram is a hilarious platform that has taken the world by storm. From the ridiculous filters to the ridiculous hashtags, it’s a constant source of entertainment. But let’s not forget that Instagram is also a platform that can be addictive and damaging to our mental health. It’s important to remember that what we see on Instagram is not always a reflection of reality. So, go ahead and enjoy the humor of Instagram, but don’t take it too seriously.

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