Digital art encompasses various forms of creative expression produced using digital technology. From digital painting to 3D modeling and multimedia installations, it offers artists endless possibilities for innovation and experimentation. Advancements in software and tools have revolutionized the way art is created and experienced, shaping a new era of artistic exploration and expression in the digital realm.



Graphic design is a dynamic art form that blends creativity with communication. It encompasses the visual arrangement of elements to convey ideas, messages, and information. From logos and branding to magazines, websites, and advertisements, graphic design plays a pivotal role in shaping modern aesthetics and visual culture. I have over 25 years experience doing just that.


Creating a unique visual identity for a brand or business. A logo is a symbol or mark that represents a company and is used across various mediums to establish brand recognition. Effective logo design involves the use of typography, color, and graphic elements to create a memorable and recognizable brand image.


Photos by Todor Andonov. All rights reserved.


10 of the Best/Largest Stadiums in Europe UHD [4K] video
10 of the Best/Largest Stadiums in Europe UHD [4K] videoWatch in YouTube
Hannover Leibniz University (LUH) - Drone video - 1080p
Hannover Leibniz University (LUH) – Drone video – 1080pWatch in YouTube
Vatican City, St. Peter's Basilica UHD [4K] video
Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica UHD [4K] videoWatch in YouTube
FIFA World Cup official match balls 1930 – 2022Watch in YouTube
Tangier, Morocco where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean (Walk around the city by car.)
Watch in YouTube


“An Incredible and Colorful World” – a vibrant and captivating collection of photographs showcasing the beauty of nature and the world around us. These images are a testament to the wonder and diversity of our planet.

All photos are available for purchase in high image quality and high resolution. Each image is suitable for printing.


An incredible collection of ethereal, unimaginable, complex, geomeric faces in different dimensions. Carrying different messages and sensations.

All pictures are available for purchase in high image quality and high resolution. Each image is suitable for printing.

View the full TDA Faces collection in:



TDA 1000

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